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Michele Roy

Hi there, my name is Michele Roy and I am a Mind Management Coach.  I kind of fell into this practice on my own personal journey, trying to figure out my own “shit”.  Turns out, we all have this “shit” we need to wade through, to get to the other side and find our “Ah Ha” moments.  My coaching program is called UR F*cking Amazing, because truly we all are, and we have been trained and conditioned to forget our own power.  My tools help you figure out what truths are in your mind and what are the false truths masquerading around.  So you can know the difference, and work on the real truth of who you are and who you want to be.

My coaching program was created to be a powerful relationship where I help you to design and manage your future, rather than working on your past (as a therapist would).  I don’t want to focus on what is holding you back, but on the tools that are going to help you move forward.  You have all these amazing qualities, that you might not have discovered yet, and through working with me and my program you will discover your own personal power.  We can’t change what has happened to us, we can only use it to fuel us moving forward and getting to where we want to go. 

I didn’t have a perfect life, nor does anyone.  I have failed so many times, I have lost count truthfully.  The only constant I have ever had is my desire to keep getting up every time life has kicked me down.  My final breaking point, or my own “ah ha” moment came when I felt I was at my mental lowest, knowing that this couldn’t be how it was always supposed to be.  My world always collapsed, yet I was always able to get up, brush off and keep on trucking with my middle finger blazed in the air thinking “Yeah, well just F*cking watch me!”  People have always said I am lucky and brave, and I kind of cringe when I hear this, I don’t feel brave most days or lucky, just resilient, and wanting better.  So, on my own pursuit for the better, I came into coaching.  I found that I was good at this, I was always able to help others see past the shit to enjoy the flowers that grow from it.  I have been coaching for a long time, just never really had a name for it until it found me.  And then I just knew, that I had to go through all the failures and kick downs to know my path, so that I could help others walk through it and find their better part.  And to know that UR F*cking Amazing, and that’s why the program is named so. 






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