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with Staci



I am a Soul Ignition Coach for women who are struggling to feel alive and fulfilled in any area of their life. I believe that women can have everything they desire & that it all starts with learning to enjoy what brings them pleasure. Through my signature Soul Ignition process, I teach them how to ditch the shame around sex, embrace the things that turn them on, & light their soul on fire through the power of sexual pleasure - with or without a partner. That orgasmic energy will then ripple into the rest of their life - relationships, careers, finances, etc. - taking their life from lackluster to luscious.

Outside of coaching, I am married to my best friend & play mom to four vivacious children. I have two girls & two boys - ages 3, 7, 7, & 9. Our older three live primarily with their other parents most of the time, but Adaline is with us 24/7. I often say that she came into my life exactly when I needed her & her soul has taught me how to listen to mine. We recently started homeschooling/unschooling her. With such a gypsy spirit, I cannot imagine pushing the confines of our current school system on her. Plus I love being able to watch her personality develop more & more every day.

I am obsessed with personal development & connecting with source to fulfill my soul's purpose. My astrological natal chart lists me as a Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon, & Scorpio Rising. In short this means I tend to like control, I feel things very deeply, & I am constantly seeking out ways to help people. Furthermore, I believe that my soul chose this life as a way to light the way for others to ignite their passions & desires. 

I love to journal, get lost in a good book, and travel as much as I can fit into my schedule. The ocean feels like home to me & sea turtles are my sign from the Universe. Pizza is a regular meal in our house & I might be addicted to True Crime podcasts. Also, nothing lights me up more than being behind a camera or a microphone - so if you want a surefire way to make me smile, hand me one. 

You can connect with me by clicking on the contact tab, any of the social media links below, my personal website www.thestaciellithorpe.com

or by searching #sacredlystaci :)​​










We know that posting every day takes time & energy, and that's just the actual writing portion. Thinking up what to say is where the time consumption actually comes into play. 

That's why we've got a solution for you:

731 Days of Social Media Posts Planned Out For You. 

Go ahead, you know what to do!

soul (3).png

I used to write a blog, but I never really felt like I was connecting with people the way I do when I'm speaking.

So I started a Podcast. 

Take a listen to Sacredly Staci Radio to get an inside look at my personal journey + discussion on how to embrace your authenticity & lean into your own sacred space

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